The SewIY team has been making stuff for a long time.  As teenagers, we built Battlebots, fuel cell cars, autonomous air hockey tables, robots, robots, and more robots.  We've supported maritime domain awareness and Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) systems in over twenty countries and have prototyped, produced, and maintained novel integrated systems large and small.

Reaver - Robot Rumble Finalist - Pit Repairs - BattleBots IQ 2002

In recent years we've gained a deep appreciation for the softer systems in our lives.  Few technologies deliver as much capability and value as textiles.  We take for granted just how advanced textiles are because they're ubiquitous and they just work.  Wearables and soft circuits are a different story.  Whether it be a shoddy connection, a tarnished thread, or a mysterious short, e-textiles have always had their challenges.

The frustration of building a soft system only for it to quickly degrade is tough to watch, and nothing takes the wind out of a student's sails like a hardware failure they can't remedy.  Last year we developed the SewIY conductive threads to solve a mission-critical problem.  We've since refined their design and are now offering them to everyone.  Our threads work, just like they should.  We think that experience is worth sharing.

As SewIY grows we plan to develop educational kits and programs that are accessible to makers young and old, leveraging the ease of use and reliability of our threads to deliver consistent, impactful, project-based educational experiences. 

Here's to your next project.  We're excited to see it.